Sunday, November 13, 2016

Families are the best!

This last weekend was the baptism of our grandson, Clay and the baby blessing of his new baby brother, our newest grand baby, Jace.  This puts us up to 14 grand children; four girls and ten boys. .  All of our children and grand children were able to attend.  We were the only ones not there.  But we are very proud of the great parents our children and their spouses are to these precious grand children.  We love these kids so much and were sad  to miss the sweet occasion, but we are so grateful for our family!  The gospel of Jesus Christ and our family are the two most important, precious things to us in this world!

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  1. We all missed having you there, but you are being such amazing examples to all of these sweet little people. They will recognize your sacrifice and be blessed because of it!!!!Love you!