Monday, November 21, 2016

Back to Clermont-Ferrand

This weekend we had the assignment to present a self-reliance fireside in the Clermont-Ferrand ward.  We went early enough so that we could attend their block of meetings and get to know the members a little prior to the fireside.  There are so many stalwart members here; they have to be!  In many cases it is quite a sacrifice just to travel to chapel each Sunday.  The ward and stake boundries are often very large and spread out and many people rely entirely on walking and/or public transportation. Some travel almost two hours each way.  To avoid having to make an additional trip, the ward had their block of meetings in the morning, had a meal together after the meetings and then went right into the fireside. 

That evening after the fireside we went into the old city center for dinner.  A few weeks ago we stopped briefly in Clermont-Ferrand during the day on our way to an assignment in Bordeaux.   But this time it was after dark when we made our visit the gothic cathedral made of black, volcanic stone.  Notre Dame de l'Assomption has an otherworldly, almost surreal feeling at night.

Having lunch before the fireside in Clermont-Ferrand

Members working in their "Mon Parcours" booklets during the fireside.

Notre Dame de l'Assomption in Clermont-Ferrand at night.

Cathedral façade


  1. Wow. What an amazing looking Cathedral!! That's so neat that you always get to travel. But it does make me feel spoiled hearing stuff like that. I'm about 2 minutes from the church and I'm always complaining about having to get the kids ready by myself while Nate's at meetings, etc. I guess I should be grateful that I don't have to drive 2 hrs with all the kids and be there ALL day!!!