Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Fireside and an Aqueduct

Last night we had our first solo experience putting on a ward fireside.  This is one that we scheduled with the ward, organized and presented.  We were a bit nervous about the prospects of going in on our own.  But when you're a missionary you're not really on your own.  The fireside turned out great.  The bishop added a special spirit with his introduction and the ward members brought some wonderful things to eat at the end.  So we know that at least it started and ended well.  Actually, the middle part, the self-reliance fireside, went very well too.  It was a great evening for us.

We are still exploring and getting to know Lyon.  This is a very beautiful and historic region.  The Romans made Lugdunum (Lyon) their capital city in Gaul.  Just on the outskirts of Lyon we found an impressive Roman aqueduct that provided water to Lugdunum.  It had an ingenious system of ramps and siphons that would pull water up over the hills.  Plus it was very beautiful with its surface treatment of brick and stone.  Aesthetics and function; a great combination.

A cute missionary getting ready to present a ward fireside

Singing the opening hymn

A little food at the end

The aqueduct on the Gier river just outside Lyon

A siphon ramp on the aqueduct

Beautiful surface treatment of red brick and white stone

A neoclassic theatre in Lyon

Lyon is a very beautiful city


  1. Hello you two!
    It was fun to hear your news and see the pics! Wow! You are seeing a lot of country and great historic sites. It sounds like you are doing great things!
    We were glad to see that you are involved in the Self Reliance Initiative programs. We have been working on them for about 6 months now and love the work! THe South Pacific Area has come up with a new program called, "Success in School Begins at Home". It is my favorite of the SR programs and will be a profound blessing in the lives of those who participate.
    So happy you are loving mission life.
    Jan aka Siste Steze

  2. Cool aqueduct. I love that view of Lyon. It is very picturesque. Now I could do firesides when they have food like that! That is a pretty cute lady teaching that fireside. You are both such awesome teachers, I bet it was so good.