Thursday, September 14, 2017

Le Bonheur c'est des amis! Happiness is wonderful friends!

Le Bonheur, c’est des amis!  Happiness is wonderful friends!

It has been such a joy to welcome wonderful friends to Lyon.  We have been blessed to have Jeff and Lori Anderson from Rexburg, then Candy Miller and Judy Steiner from Chester and Rexburg, and after that, Rob and MaryLou Hardisty from Hawaii.  It’s a strangely wonderful and wonderfully strange to experience the colliding of two universes like this.  You become so involved in your life and service here which is all-consuming, and then suddenly you get to be with special people from home and blasts from the past. We have loved every minute of this Geddes B&B life and feel extremely blessed to love and be loved by such amazing friends! And to be able to share the charm, beauty, cultural and historical richness of this beautiful country with them… Oh là là!

Lori and Jeff are figuring France out.

She's even got her own shop in France.

You have to try all the Magnum bar flavors!

Too many Magnum bars?

A new kind of crown for the Queens!
Magnificent sights.  And the Cathedral isnt' bad, either.

A view of Lyon from Fourviere

Diner at Le Petit Ogre

Ain't she sweet!

Hardistys having a religious experience in St. Martin Ainay without pastries!

Rob's favorite part; Chateau de Germolles

Roman Aquaduct --Gier

When there is a demonstration and the roads are blocked to cars, pas de soucis!

Place Belcour at night

Friday, September 1, 2017

Sowing and Harvesting

Sixteen years ago, while on his mission in the France, Marseilles mission, our son-in-law, Nate, served for some time on Corsica.  His mission president gave him a particular assignment to look for a certain member who had fallen out of activity and moved to Ajaccio on the island of Corsica.  Nate and his companion finally located the brother who was not at all interested.  Throughout his time on Corsica, Nate and his companion continued making attempts to bring this brother back but with no success.  He was sorry to have to report back to his mission president that they were totally unsuccessful.

Fast forward sixteen years.  Our daughter Elisa and her husband Nate came for a visit.  We took them into the office to introduce them to the office missionaries.  All the departing missionaries in the last rotation had just left for home except for Elder Battazzato who was in the office waiting for his later flight home to Sicily.  When Nate learned that Elder Battazzato had just finished his mission on Corsica, he was excited to talk with him.  In the course of their conversation, Nate asked specifically about this brother whom he had labored to reactivate without success.  Elder Battazzato's face lit up as he told Nate that this man was a stalwart member of the branch and is currently serving in the branch presidency.

There are so many times that missionaries feel like their efforts have had little or no success.  We just have to remember we are often harvesting crops that were planted by others and won't get to see the fruits of many of the seeds we are now sowing.

With Elder Battazzato who is on his way home to Sicily.

Our good friends from home, Jeff and Lori Andersen, came for a visit.

We took the Andersens on a day trip to Annecy.  Sister Geddes and Lori were apparently trying to color-coordinate while they were here!

The château of Menthon overlooking Lake Annecy.

Château Menthon dining hall and fireplace.

A bedroom in Château Menthon. (Self-portrait and photo-bomb by Jeff in the mirror!)

The music room.

Part of the château's extensive library.

A beautiful courtyard.

The château kitchen with a rail-car connecting directly to the dining room, 30 feet away.

The château guard looks like he has been standing there for a long time.