Monday, October 24, 2016

Two of the Best Talks . . . and Crêpes!

Sœur Geddes and I had the assignment this past Sunday to speak in our Écully Ward sacrament meeting.  We were given the topic of living a Christ centered life of service.  We loved the topic.  But preparing to speak in a non-native tongue makes you work very hard and then really rely on the Spirit.  (I think there is some principle here?!)  I can honestly say that Sœur Geddes delivered one of the most magnificant messages ever.  The Spirit filled the chapel and her French was impeccable.  Sarah George (a local French girl and former T.A. to Sœur Geddes at BYUI) was seated next to me. During the talk she whispered "I can't believe how good her French is."  I was the next and concluding speaker.

As it turned out, this past Sunday just happened to coincide with our mission transfer week and two of the young missionaries in the Écully Ward are leaving.  So in addition to the assigned speakers, these two had been invited to bear their testimonies.  So when it finally got to my turn, the meeting time was over!  Our bishop stood and apologetically asked if I would mind saving my talk for two weeks.  I think he was inspired to let the meeting end on such a high plane.  But in all humility I can honestly say that it was also one of my best talks ever...and I didn't make one gramatical or pronunciation error!


Last night we did a Family Home Evening lesson for the stake Young Single Adults over at the Institute building, about a 10-minute walk from our apartment.  To entice them to come we had put up posters advertising a "Soirée Crêpes" after.  I think food is the universal language!  A lot of YSA's and missionaries showed up.  And while I might make mistakes with French, there were no problems with the crêpes!

Sœur Geddes in the chapel with our Self Reliance manager and the
nephew of an old friend who teaches French at BYU.

Chef Geddes at the Institute

Satisfied customers.


  1. I love to see Chris's beautiful curls and I would love to come have some of those crepe's. I can tell you are living right when you even successfully get out of a talk in Sacrament meeting. I would be the one with 40 minutes left and no rest hymn!!!

  2. Nanny is amazing! And so are you. I would've loved to see her speaking in French even though I probably wouldn't have understood half of it. I bet your talk will be awesome, too, when you give it.