Thursday, October 27, 2016

Making Connections

We have always said that the best part of travelling is when you make a connection with the people.  The same is true of a mission.  We really want to get to know the people we are working with first before we settle down to our assignments.

Yesterday we went to lunch at the home of "Les Jo-Jo's" (Joseph and Joelle).  He is a member of the Lyon Stake high council and is over self-reliance.  Going to someone's home for lunch might not sound like such a remarkable event, but in France the words "home" and "lunch" can be very different than they are in the U.S.  First of all, their home was originally a stone farm-house and barn that are almost as old as our country.  And the almost 4 hour-long lunch (prepared on the wood-burning stove) consisted of a squash potage (all ingredients from their garden), smoked ham and salmon, beef bourguinon and polenta, cheeses and assorted desserts.  Oh the sacrifices one makes as a missionary!

During the course of the meal we discovered that Joelle had been a student at BYU-Hawaii during the same time that we we there.  She pulled out several scrap books and a 1976 BYU-Hawaii yearbook and . . . we found pictures of us!  We probably had met each other 40 years ago in Hawaii.  And now we were sitting together in France.

This Saturday we will be presenting with Joseph at a special self-reliance workshop that is part of our stake conference weekend.  We are so happy that instead of working with some stake high councilman we will be working with a friend.

Les Jo-Jo's

Chez Jo-Jo

We came home with a squash and a pumpkin from the garden.

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  1. Wow. That is SO cool. I love that old house and I want to go to lunch there. How fun. I can't believe that you found pictures of yourself. That is so so crazy. I guess you really were sent to the right place! Love you and love reading your stories.