Friday, April 28, 2017

What are the Odds?

Unlike young missionaries, when seniors apply for mission service, they are asked to fill out a long questionnaire about their experiences and abilities.  Seniors are also asked if they have any particular preferences in mission calls with the caveat that they should be prepared to accept any call that might be extended.  Since we indicated that we would prefer a French-speaking assignment, it is probably not a surprise that that is what we received.  However, with the many places in the world that have need for French-speaking missionaries (Canada, Europe, French Polynesia, and especially Africa where the demand is so high), the odds of receiving a call to Lyon, one of only two French-speaking missions in Europe, were on the small side.  Added to that is the fact that of all the missionaries called to the Lyon mission, we are the only ones who have responsibilities, and therefore the ability to travel, in the Paris mission area as well.

As it has turned out, our mission call came at the precise time of the open house and dedication of the first and only temple in France.  In fact, the mid-point of our 18 months here is only a few days from the dedication of the Paris temple.  The odds of those two stars aligning are beginning to mount.  Added to that, our self-reliance mission assignment has allowed us the flexibility to come and spend the middle three weeks of our mission as guides for the temple open house.  

About four years ago when we first heard the announcement about the building of a temple in France, we talked about how great it would be to someday in the future to visit that temple.  And now, for the past week and for the two weeks to come, we are here in France serving as guides for the Paris temple open house.   What a blessing we have been given, in spite of the odds.

Our Guide badge that we wear to take tours through the temple.

Visitors coming out of the temple tours.

The beautiful temple gardens.

Thorvaldsen's "Christus" in Carrara marble in the temple gardens.

Paris temple detail.

Sœur Geddes ran into Natalia, a friend from our home ward in Lyon.  What
are the odds of those two outfits?!


  1. Claire says she loves the gardens!

  2. Nate says that no one deserves this more to be on a mission in France during the temple dedication than you two.

  3. Heavenly Father definitely knew exactly where to send you guys!

  4. You guys are so swweet! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and comment. It means so much!