Thursday, April 20, 2017


Spring in France is beautiful: Everything is in blossom and coming back to life.  It is easy to understand why we celebrate Easter in the spring.  And our missionary activities have been finding renewed life as well. 

We had a wonderful self-reliance devotional in the little branch of Chalon-sur-Saône.  We now only have one more left to do in the Grenoble Ward before we have completed our goal of presenting devotionals in each ward and branch in the Lyon Stake.  The Chalon branch is very small, averaging around 20 to 25 each Sunday.  But they had planned and prepared well, and there we about 35 in attendance.  Of course, the promise of lunch afterward was a great enticement!

Everyone here in France is so excited about the Paris Temple.  We are grateful to have the opportunity to spend the next three weeks working at the temple open house.  We drove up from Lyon yesterday and checked into the little "gîte" (rural apartment) that we found and rented for the duration the open house.  Our gîte is in a beautiful pastoral setting, even though it is only a 10 minute drive from the city of Versailles and from the temple.  In fact, the farm compound surrounding our gîte was originally a gift given by King Louis XIV to his surgeon.  As the story goes, the surgeon cured Louis of his hemorrhoids, and Louis was understandably very grateful.  It no doubt made sitting on his throne a lot easier!

While here in Versailles, we will be working six mornings per week giving tours at the temple open house.  We are also arranging other self-reliance activities for the afternoons.  We are very excited that the Paris mission is having a two-day conference with President Babin and all the senior couples during our time here. They have invited us to meet with them during our afternoons, and make a presentation to them on the self-reliance initiative.  We feel so blessed to be here on a mission, especially at this historic time.

Blossoming trees at Berzé-le-Châtel

Us with Elder and Sister Egan at Berzé

Easter palm-fronds with light coming through the stained glass in the Cathedral Saint Jean, Lyon.

The welcoming committee from our gîte near Versailles.

Another member of the same committee.  (Hedgehog I think)

Our home for the next three weeks.

The back yard.  We love our apartment in Lyon, but after 8 months of
city living, it is so nice to be in a place like this.

Another view overlooking our gîte compound.  The edge of the city of Versailles is in the distance.


  1. OK--now you have made me totally jealous!

  2. Your gite, as though from the pages of a story book, such a sweet respite from apartment living in Lyon.

    Enjoy the special time spent in your work together in the new Paris Temple and your unique opportunity to refresh and renew body and soul while staying in such a historic pastoral location. So wonderful!

  3. Christian says that this must be a cool experience.

  4. Claire wants to know if that's a real castle?

    1. Yes, Claire. It is a real castle and we got to go in it. The people working there dressed up like people did when they lived in the castle.

  5. Livy says that the gardens and the pink flowers on the trees are so pretty.

  6. Claire and Livy want to say that the hedgehog is cute....but I say, please don't bring it back with you.

  7. Nate thinks that the hedgehog has the same hairdo as Pappy.