Thursday, September 1, 2016

Officially Retired

(M)  Today is September 1, 2016.   After over 40 years of teaching, we are officially retired as of today.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I had envisioned retirement days as alternating between golf, fishing and exercising my thumbs on the TV remote.  Looks like I'm zero for three on that pipe dream. . . at least for the next 18 months anyway!  But the reality is that I can only go a couple of days with nothing to do before I start to go berserk.  I'm really glad that we timed this mission as an overlap with our careers. 

So any of you who may be reading this and approaching your own retirement time and wondering "WHAT NEXT?". . . why don't you start filling out a missionary application?  We highly recommend it! 

Took a walk last night to the Place Bellecour in old Lyon

My cute companion on our way home from the marché.


  1. You certainly have the cutest companion ever!! Happy Retirement!!

    1. Thanks. We finally have internet in our apartment so keep us posted!

  2. Mom is so cute. We miss her and you!!!

  3. Mom is so cute. We miss her and you!!!