Sunday, September 18, 2016

Autumn in the Air

(M) We have been in France for exactly one month now and we are feeling much more at home and much less like total foreigners.  We take long walks most mornings, today's being almost 5 miles.  Plus we walk a lot for our missionary responsibilities.  We often shop at the outdoor marchés so our meals are wonderful and healthy.  And we limit our patisserie stops to once a week.  Consequently, after a month in the gastronomic capital of the world, we have actually managed to shed a couple of kilos!

The month of September was very hot with temperatures into the 30's celsius.  But now in mid September the weather is cooling and the leaves are just starting to show hints of color.  The locals are all wearing coats now during the day.  But after 30 plus years in Idaho, I won't have one on for a while.

Our missionary activities are picking up as we are getting a better idea of what to do.  In addition to our major responsibilities in all the French-speaking wards and stakes in Europe we will be doing more here in the Lyon multifunction center that includes the Institute, Young Single Adults, Family History and of course the Self Reliance Center.  But we still are able to find time to discover more of Lyon and the nearby towns and villages.  We also are getting more acquainted with people.

This week we were invited to dinner at the Georges family home in the nearby village of Grézieu-la Varennes.  The Georges' daughter Sarah recently returned home from BYU-Idaho where she was Sœur Geddes' teaching assistant.  The escargots sister Georges prepared were wonderful; way bigger and better than any we have had before.

We are enjoying our mission very much and so far it seems to be going very quickly.  We will see if that continues when it gets to the point where WE start wearing coats!

Leaves just starting to show color in the Parc de la Tête d'Or, Lyon.

Escargots at Chez Georges

A group of "Bleus" (new missionaries) fresh off the plane.

The Roman temple of Augustus and Livie in the nearby town of Vienne.

Lyon "Hôtel de Ville" (city hall).  Open to the public one day per year (yesterday!)

Hôtel de Ville interior.  Some of the interior done by the same architect who did Versailles.

Our apartment!  (Actually another chamber in the Hôtel de Ville)

Morning walk in the Parc de la Tête d'Or.


  1. How lucky that you are there on the one day that it is open this year! Beautiful place.

  2. How lucky that you are there on the one day that it is open this year! Beautiful place.

  3. We are so glad that all is going well for you. We love to hear of your experiences. Beautiful pictures too!
    Elder and Sister Sterzer