Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Staying Busy...and Having Fun.

Our recent weeks have found us a little too busy to keep up with our blog.  We have our weekly family home evenings with the Lyon Stake young adults.  That always includes us preparing and bringing a meal along with the lesson.  We were substitute teachers for the Institute class this week.  Chris was asked to speak at a special "Saint Cène de Berger" meeting ("Sacrament meeting of the Shepherd") that our ward has once every other month.  Less active members receive special invitations and someone goes out to bring them to church that day.  Sœur Geddes is busy preparing for that talk.  Our bishop asked us to increase our Wednesday "family home evening" meetings with the ward older singles to twice a month.  We often do these in the homes of those who have a difficult time getting out.  This is complicated by the fact that the ward boundaries here are very large, and the members often live two or more hours drive from the church. We have many video conferences with ward and stake self-reliance committees throughout French-speaking Euorpe. Last night we had one with the committee in Nancy in preparation for our visit there later this month.  We go with the young missionaries to teach "amis"(investigators).  They especially like to invite us when the amis live in a place that is difficult to get to on public transportation; After all, we have a car.  A week ago Saturday we spent the day giving short presentations on the self-reliance initiative at an open house of a new church building here in Lyon.  There were many curious visitors who came throughout the day.  This past weekend we traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland to facilitate a fireside in the Renens Ward.  And we spent the weekend before that doing the same for the Nîmes Ward in the south of France.

But when you live and travel in Europe, you see some pretty amazing places. Historical landmarks almost "litter" the landscape.  We have said to each other that you can't fling a crêpe without hitting a cathedral or a château!  So we do make stops along our way to see and appreciate some of the natural and man-made wonders of this beautiful place.

A couple of self-reliance missionaries at the open house of the new Saint-Gervais building in Lyon.

Visitors at the open house.

Sœur Geddes getting a "Nani-fix" in the apartment of an ami.

Family Home Evening in the home of an elderly single sister.

A fireside in the Nîmes Ward.

The Roman Arena in Nîmes.  They still have bullfights here.

La Maison Carrée, a beautifully preserved Roman temple in Nîmes. 

A fireside in the Renens, Switzerland Ward.

A little harbor town on Lac Leman not far from Lausanne.

The Château of Chillon on Lac Leman.

Driving in Switzerland is like driving through a rack of post cards!

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