Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Many of our friends back home in Rexburg are telling us horror stories about the winter we are missing.  One sent a photo of the comparative temperatures of Rexburg and Anarctica, with Rexburg "winning" the competition at -32°.  Another post showed the difference of 136° between the warmest and the coldest temperatures in the contiguous United States, the coldest being -43° in West Yellowstone, just up the road from Rexburg.  

The photos of the snow this year are also quite impressive.  Our niece sent a photo of a 16 foot high snowman they had built.  Other friends have said that there hasn't been this much snow since the winter on 1983 when several buildings in Rexburg collapsed under the tremendous weight.

Well, we just want everyone back home to know that we are experiencing some of the same here in Lyon.  We woke up this morning to the white stuff and we have to admit that it was a little exciting.  I even went out and built my own little "bonhomme de neige".  It isn't quite 16 feet tall, but it is impressive enough to post a couple of photos so that folks back home will know that we are experiencing some of the same things that you are.

A Lyonnaise "bonhomme de neige"

OK, so the scale isn't that impressive, but it is made out of real snow!