Monday, August 8, 2016

Day One of Our Mission.

We entered the MTC this morning and were so impressed with the friendliness, kindness and wonderful spirit.  It is amazing how well organized and orderly things are here, especially with over 2500 missionaries in residence.  Immediately upon entering we were greeted and given the name tags that we will be wearing for the next 18 months.  That was a thrilling moment.   Reporting today with us were approximately 25 other senior couples and 3 single sisters.  It was an extremely diverse groups with couples going to places like Jamaica, Australia, Hawaii, California, Fiji, Guatemala, Japan, Congo, Bulgaria, Spain, New Hampshire, New Guinea, Vanuatu, Dominican Republic, Bosnia, Croatia, Brazil, France (us) and even Boise Idaho!  We got to know each other, had several classes, ate meals (very good - we'll have to be careful), and are now getting settled in for our first night.  Bottom line: we know we are in the right place for us right now and doing what we should be doing.

The obligatory MTC photo.

Took an evening walk to the apartment
where Chris lived when we first met
46 years ago!


  1. I lived there too! 305 Park Plaza. How did I remember that? Love you!

  2. 46 years? I'm surprised Chris lasted that long with all of us. Love you!!!

  3. No kidding! I'm so blessed to be in the Geddes clan! I love 'em tons! And yes, Margaret. It was through you that your crazy brother and I met. He's a pretty amazing companion, so thanks! (most of the time)
    Love you both!